3 Types of Bookmaker Bonuses that One Must Know

When it comes to betting games online, bonuses are a crucial part that benefits players exponentially. For online betting, bonuses are a strategic way to entice new players while keeping the existing players engaged and retained. For players, bonuses help to boost their deposit funds and help them play real money games absolutely free of charge.

This is the reason why online gambling enthusiasts and players look for such sites that offer a diverse range of bonuses. It is extremely important for a player to understand what these bonuses are, how they work, and what are the different types of bonuses so that they can enjoy the gameplay.

This post discusses everything about bookmaker bonuses and puts light on different types of bonuses and how to use them. 

The basic types of bonuses

The following are the most popular yet common bonuses one will find featured in a wide range of bookmakers accessed from South Africa.

#1 Deposit Bonus

A deposit bonus is a type of bonus a player gets when they make their first deposit. A deposit bonus is designed for players who are new to the platform. It is a percentage-based bonus that can be claimed by the players who have never before signed up at the respective betting site.

A “100% Welcome Bonus of up to $100” is one example of a deposit bonus. However, the players need to understand that these are not automatically awarded to new players. To receive a deposit bonus, the player must opt-in.

Once a player signs up for a new online betting account, they can decide to cash-in to avail the bonus benefits. For example, if the player decides to bet by making a deposit of $100, then they will receive a matching bonus of $100. This makes the total to $200. In short, the player gets to play with $200 instead of just $100, thanks to the deposit bonus.

This deposit bonus can be used to boost the player’s chip stack or bank roll, which can be later used for betting on other games for real money.

What do players need to keep in mind?

1.     Deposit bonuses always come with a long list of strict terms and conditions

2.     To receive a deposit bonus, one has to make an initial bet

3.     Some come with difficult to achieve betting requirements

#2 Sign up Bonus  

Sign up bonus is another type of bonus offered by online betting sites that requires the player to create a new account in order to redeem the bonus and make use of it.

Sign up bonuses are somewhat similar to deposit bonuses but the only difference is that it is to reward new players for selecting the particular bookmaker and also give the new players an added incentive for making a deposit and start betting.

For example, if a player signs up for the first time and makes a deposit of $100, the bookmaker might offer the player with 50% of bonus money. Depending on the bookmaker, the sign up bonus can vary from 50% to 200%. On the other hand, sign up bonuses are also offered in conjunction with deposit bonuses. For example, “100% Match Bonus for up to $100 + 25% Sign Up Bonus.” However, similar to a deposit bonus, the player needs to opt-in to get this type of offer.

To use this offer, the player has to make some deposit to the bookmaker account after signing up. Sign up bonuses are mostly used for placing the first bet.

What do players need to keep in mind?

  1. Sign up bonus always come with a long list of strict terms and conditions
  2. To receive a sign up bonus, one has to make an initial deposit

#3 Cashback Bonus

Cashback bonuses are aimed at the existing players who are loyal to the platform, making regular deposits. A cashback bonus incorporates a percentage refund for deposits done by the player.

It works in a way that it rewards players for their ongoing loyalty. For example, if a player makes a $100 deposit to their bookmaker wallet, then the bookie may reward the player with a 10% cashback bonus. This means that the player will get $40 back, making them only pay $90. 

This is an interesting way to keep players engaged with the content of the online betting. However, certain cashback bonuses are offered by default while some as add-ons, which players have to opt-in to receive.

Cashback bonuses are a great way for the players to boost their funds in case they are getting short of funds. It will keep the player engaged with the betting site, even during low times.

What do players need to keep in mind?

  1. The cashback bonus a player receives depends on the betting platform. Some bookmakers offer a cashback bonus of 10% whereas some offer a cashback bonus of 40%
  2. One may have to lose their whole deposit in order to qualify for cashback
  3. Not all betting games qualify for cashback bonuses (again, it will depend on the site offering the bonus)


These are the three most prominent bonuses offered by betting sites. Before availing any of the bonuses, it is important that the player carefully goes through the bookmaker’s terms of use. It will help the player understand how the whole scheme works.

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