Betting on Cricket is an Entertaining Test

Watching cricket can be a thrilling experience and not just the crash, bang wallop of a one-day game. It’s also a sport that offers an entertaining time when placing bets on it. Imagine how exciting it can be when your selection is involved in a tight run chase? This article will show you what kind of bets can be made on cricket and how it can be different from betting on other sports.

How You can Bet on Cricket

There are plenty of ways in which bets can be made on the sport of cricket. Several are shared with other sports, but some are unique to this great game. If you wish, you could place a single bet on South Africa to win a match. The bookmaker will be offering odds on the match, for example 1.5 on a South African victory. If 20 rand was placed on them, you would win 10 and receive your 20 rand stake back making a total of 30 rands.

If you are feeling a bit more adventurous, you can add another match and make it a win double. Both selections will need to be winners for you to receive a return so choose carefully.

You can keep on adding matches (they don’t all have to be cricket games).You must remember though that the more selections you make, the higher the odds on it winning. That’s great if it does win but you are reducing the chances of that happening.

It is possible to place a system bet such as a Patent. You could choose three cricket teams to win but a patent has seven bets (three singles, three doubles and a treble). It costs more to put on as It’s essentially seven bets, but you only need one team to win to get a return so it’s a bit safer.

The more runs the better

Now let’s look at the bets that can be made that are specific to the sport of cricket. It’s possible to make a bet on which batsman will be the top scorer. This could be for a particular innings or the match. The same can be done for the top bowler in a match.

Scoring runs is the name of the game in cricket and there are plenty of bets associated with this. You can bet on how many runs will be scored in an innings. In one-day cricket, you can bet on how many runs will be scored in the first ten, twenty or thirty overs. Look to back teams that regularly get off to a good start and are known to score quickly.

Helpful Homework

When you are considering placing a bet on cricket, do some homework first. There are some excellent sites online that are crammed full of helpful cricket statistics. These will show you which players are in form and which aren’t. Putting a bet on a player and then discovering they’re in terrible form can be avoided with a bit of research.

Look to see what the talk is about the wicket the game will be played on. Is it one that will help fast bowlers, the spinners or those who can make the ball move around and give batsmen nightmares? This is all information that is easily accessible and very helpful.

You’ve probably spent time sitting in the rain hoping that the game will continue sooner rather than later. The weather is something that must be considered when placing a bet on cricket. Form may well point to one team winning and worth having a bet on. However, if bad weather is forecast, it is possible that so much of the game will be lost that a positive result doesn’t happen. Check the forecast for a game before betting on it, particularly those lasting more than one day.

Getting off to a good start

That’s also important if betting on which team will have the highest opening partnership. Again, research is needed here to help you decide who to bet on. A team may be losing matches, but it might be a poor middle order and a long tail that is causing those losses. Alternatively, teams can win games but struggle early in their innings. Anyone who follows the England cricket team will understand that situation.

Statistics will also help you with the most sixes bet. It’s a good idea to look at how teams have been scoring their runs. They may be getting large totals but perhaps they hit a lot of fours rather than sixes. 

Anything can happen 

Betting on cricket can be extremely entertaining. That’s even more the case if you are betting in-play. This gives you the opportunity to bet on the game as it is taking place Cricket is an ever-changing game with wickets able to fall on every ball so anything can happen.

The odds offered will be continually fluctuating depending on what is happening on the pitch. If a team is 132-3 and chasing 220 to win, the odds on a win will look good. If they suddenly slip to 132-5 then it’s a whole new ball game.

Cricket is a fascinating game and is excellent to place bets on. Look to bet on sites that offer you lots of different markets. That’s helpful because if you’re not sure who is going to win the match, there are lots of markets that don’t require you to correctly name the winner. Bets on the top run scorer or bowler to take the most wickets are prime examples of this.

There are few online gambling sites that don’t offer odds on cricket. So, join up with one and let the games begin.

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