Pre-Match or In-Play Betting: The Choice is Yours

There are many ways in which you can bet on a sporting event. You can decide to place your bets on a game before it actually begins. Alternatively, it is possible now to be making wagers during the actual event. This article will look at how you can do this and the advantages and flaws that exist.

Until recent years, the only option available was to place your bets before a game began, a pre-match bet. Bookmakers shops would have coupons that contained fixed odds for the upcoming matches. You filled these in and then hoped that the result would go your way and your selection would be a winner. It was a frustrating situation because while the game was taking place, there was nothing you could do.

The arrival of the internet has changed everything now. It is possible to be placing what are called in-play bets. This means you can bet on the game as it is taking place, but which is best, placing a pre-match or in-play?

Taking the Odds

With pre-match betting, you can take a price on a game and that is the one that you will have for that selection. For example, you can take 2.0 on Chelsea beating Arsenal in the weekend’s big match.

If Chelsea then have some injuries announced that affect their chances of winning, you are still stuck with that 2.0. Of course, it can work both ways and if Arsenal are the ones with selection problems, that 2.0 you have on your betting slip now looks a lot more likely to produce a winner.

Making an Early Decision

When you are making a pre-match bet, it is important to do some research on the game. For example, if it’s Chelsea you think will win, check their recent form to see If it is good enough to get a win over Arsenal. There are a lot of different markets that you can bet on. You could bet on how many goals will be scored in the game. 

If that’s the case, look to see how many goals have been scored in recent games played by both clubs. Then again, it could be a bet on who will score a goal. Do some research and see which players are in goalscoring form.

Leaving it to the Last Moment

This article has already mentioned the possibility of injuries. A pre-match bet can be placed right up to kick-off. It is sometimes a good idea to leave placing your bet as late as possible. If there is an injury doubt over Tammy Abraham for example, wait until the teams have been announced to see if he is playing or not.

As it Happens

Now let’s look at in-play betting and this is one of the most exciting elements of gambling on a match. It will be possible to place a bet on the game while it is taking place, and this means the odds will be forever fluctuating.

Let’s look at this Chelsea v Arsenal game again. If the game is goalless after 10 minutes, the odds-on Chelsea winning will drift out slightly to say, 2.15. If you still believe that Chelsea will win the match, you can place an in-play bet at those new odds. That price will continue to grow the longer the game remains goalless. 

If they take the lead, then the price will drop and could be as low as 1.2. Again, you can place a bet at those odds to boost your profits. If Chelsea were to go one goal down, their odds would lengthen to say, 3.5. You might still believe that the game will end in a Chelsea victory and that was just a goal against the run of play. A bet on Chelsea to win can still be made.

Changing Sides can Pay

An advantage of in-play betting is that you can try to rescue a bad situation. If you had bet on Chelsea to win and they go behind, it’s possible to change sides and start placing bets on Arsenal. This may see you reduce your losses or still make a profit. 

Betting on games as the match is taking place can help you make your decision. You can see just how well or poorly each team is playing and choose which you should back. That’s simply not possible with pre-match betting.

Cash Out Your Bet

A recent innovation has been the cash out feature. This allows you to end your bet before the game finishes. It may be in this example that Chelsea are winning but you aren’t confident they will hold on to their lead. You can decide to cash out your bet and receive a return on your stake. It won’t be the amount you’d receive if waiting until the final whistle. It’s an interesting feature though and if Chelsea did end up drawing or losing that game, you’d be sitting there with a profit because you cashed out. However, if Chelsea did hold on for the win, you will know that more could have been received.

In-play betting is even more exciting if live streaming is available. This means you can see the game that you have placed a bet on. It might not do your heart much good, but nothing can beat seeing your selection score.

Keep an Eye on your Budget

You do need to be careful with in-play betting though. Don’t just go crazy and keep placing bets throughout the game. Always remember to stick to your budget and don’t place bets that you can’t afford to see lose. Make sure you know exactly how much you have staked on a game and potential losses.  It’s important to keep a close eye on everything that is happening, don’t press the wrong button and make the wrong bet.

Both pre-match and in-play betting will give you plenty of entertainment. You may want to mix the two to keep a close eye on your selection and perhaps place more bets. Whichever you choose, there is some excitement heading in your direction.

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